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Ankle Arthroscopic Surgery

Category Ankle Arthroscopy

1. Loose Body Removal

The goal of free body ablation surgery is to remove cartilage, or bone, that has broken off from injury and made joints less flexible. Most loose body removal procedures are performed using one of the following techniques: Arthroscopy

2. Cartilage Restoration Procedures - OATS / ACI / Microfracture

The difference between OATS and ACI is that OATS is a one-step process and ACI is a two-step process. Both methods allow you to repair cartilage damage and restore your cartilage, which is in the best interest of younger patients.

3. ATFL Reconstruction / Repair with Internal Bracing

ATFL Reconstruction

Ankle ligament repair is a procedure to tighten a damaged ankle ligament, most commonly the anterior talofibular ligament (ATFL).

Repair with Internal Bracing

The inner backing is a thick stitch placed to reinforce the repair and acts as an internal "seat belt" to prevent the repair from being overstretched. The internal orthosis is anchored in the ankle bone with absorbable screws.

4. Anterior and Posterior Ankle Impingement 

Ankle impingement can be divided into two types: Anterior ankle impingement – This is a pain in the front of the ankle. This can eventually lead to the development of bone spurs in the ankle space. Rear ankle impingement: This is a pain in the back of the ankle.

5. Retrocalcaneal Bursectomy and Haglund Deformity Correction

Retrocalcaneal Bursectormy

Bursectomy is surgery to remove a small fluid-filled sac (bursa) in a joint when it becomes inflamed (bursitis).

Haglund Deformity Correction

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